We have been plunged into a sudden, universal threshold —

let's find our way together

In order to face the challenges in front of us, we must embrace our bigger selves.

That means activating our deepest listening, intentionally engaging our own inner transformation, and learning to face our fears rather than be driven by them.

When we do this, we not only exponentially grow ourselves, but we benefit the entire collective of humanity.

— Larissa Conte, Founder of Wayfinding

Course Curriculum

  Part 1: Orienting Amidst Great Change
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  Part 2: Learning From Fear
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  Part 3: Embracing Your Rite of Passage
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  Part 4: Expanding the Conversation
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Wayfinding is the ability to navigate from inner and outer sensing into ever greater alignment. 

In this 4-part toolkit you'll learn core wayfinding skills like how to:

- Orient yourself during times of turbulence
- Deepen your sensing and steward your aliveness
- Ground your energy to access clarity and power
- Distinguish your ego and conditioned fears from your true essence
- Unearth the valuable information within your fears
- Engage this as a meaningful rite of passage
- Mark this threshold with your family, teams, and communities

This free bundle of tools and techniques are designed to help you surf these big waves we're in and more deeply access your true power and your capacity to serve your communities.

Let’s jump in!

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Toolkit for Turbulent Times